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A beautifully decorated MVC banquet for Friday night in the R. Wilson Brown Room highlights the theme of "Viva Los Vikings."

A beautifully decorated MVC banquet for Friday night in the R. Wilson Brown Room highlights the theme of “Viva Los Vikings” for Homecoming.

Story by Melinda Houttuin

What was the best homecoming in the past 5 years, how about in the past 20 years? Some people can’t remember a homecoming from the past four years, let alone remembering a homecoming 25 years ago.

Wendy Leslie, an associate professor of Speech and English at Missouri Valley College, can remember the Homecoming events at MVC back to 1987. Leslie said she doesn’t have just one favorite Homecoming; she loves them all.

Wendy’s husband Ed has been a long-time participant in MVC Homecoming activities. Ed Leslie, associate professor of Mathematics and Computer, drives “Henrietta” the Viking car at the sidelines of the football game, celebrating every Viking touchdown. He also has maintained a long participation in the Torch Run event.

Both Ed and Wendy look forward to watching the students, especially the women wrestlers who meet at their house in their “crazy outfits.”

Susan Dittmer, associate professor of Speech Communications, has been attending homecomings since 1971. She said her favorite thing about homecomings is the tailgating and being able to see friends and former students who return for the event. She always looks forward to building floats and spending the time making a float for the parade. Dittmer said she has been in the parade dating all the way back to when she was a cheerleader her freshman year. In 2010, after she won the John McCallum Excellence in Teaching award, she rode in the parade for that honor.

This weekend MVC will be welcoming new, current, and graduated students to Missouri Valley College to celebrate “Viva Los Vikings.”

Over the past six decades, Missouri Valley College has celebrated many homecomings. This year marks the 50th reunion of the 1962 Homecoming. The theme was “Fashion’s Big Day” and the Vikings pulled a win over the Graceland Yellow Jackets.

“Valley will shine through in 82’” marked the 1982 Viking Homecoming and a loss to the Baker Wildcats. In 2002, MVC lost to Benedictine but celebrated Homecoming with a “Past, Present, and Future” theme.

This year’s celebration starts tonight,  Friday, with the torch run and a bonfire. Saturday’s events start at 9 a.m. and there will be a parade followed by the Viking tailgate at 11, varsity football at 2 p.m. soccer games and an wrestling dual involving alums.

So, what is your favorite part about Homecoming?

Melinda Houttuin

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