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Jacob and Nikole's daughter Ziya, almost three months old.


Jacob embraces being a father.

Commentary by Jacob Coleman

In most situations, the idea of having a child out of wedlock is looked down upon. It brings confusion within family that can make or break relationships. On July 18, 2012, my life would change forever when my love, my world, my daughter, Ziya Amore Coleman, was born.

I can remember when my girlfriend Nikole found out she was pregnant.  Every thought in my head was erased leaving me lost in reality. My mind was stuck not knowing if it were a bad dream or truly real; the life that I had once known was turned upside down. I had my mind working on overdrive, thinking “Is this real?” It was on repeat like a self-help recording.  I was hypnotized by those three words, numb to world, not knowing what to do. 

A substantial change came around the first half of Nikole’s pregnancy. This feeling was one I’ve never experienced before that brought me to another world. For once in my life, I felt like a new person and stress was something of the past. The aspect of a life created by two people helped me through all negativity.

Jacob and Nikole’s daughter Ziya, almost three months old.

The day of Ziya’s birth, I felt a power inside me that enveloped my soul and heart. Time moved slowly and anticipation was at its peak.  I was going to be a father, and the best in the world in my eyes.  It was finally time; the contractions had increased and Nikole was ready to deliver.  Her eyes caught mine and her illuminating gaze sent a warmth though my body and into my soul.  I started to play her favorite songs on my iPhone to distract her from the pain.  A shy smile came across her face and she began to push. After an hour of pushing, Ziya was finally brought into the world.

After the nurses left, I jumped in the bed with Nikole and kissed her forehead. “You’re so beautiful, baby,” I said. She seemed to radiate energy.  It was the closest I have ever felt to her, knowing that we would be connected forever. I sat back with my arms behind my head and stared at Ziya with amazement.

My emotions were magnified and I couldn’t help but cry. Having a child was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t take it back for anything.



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Jacob Coleman is from a small southeastern Missouri town called Potosi where he was involved in sports throughout his youth. After two years at Mineral Area College, he came to Missouri Valley College on a basketball scholarship. Jacob is a Mass Communication major, and hopes to work at a city television or radio station. He enjoys writing songs and making documentaries and short films.


    • byName
    • onOct 3, 2012

    Jacob, I enjoyed your story alot! It’s always nice to know people who step up, and do the right thing. it’s alot easier to be responsible, than to just spend the time shirking responsibilities and duties. Your Zi. is so totally beautiful and precious. Have a great life with them.

    • byJake
    • onOct 3, 2012

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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