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Students use computers to study

Story by LeKyndra Duncan

Hanging out with our new friends, finding our future beau, playing our favorite sport, and, of course, partying–that is just one side of the college life. The other consists of test-taking, pop quizzes, research papers, and midterms, all of which the average college student dreads.

Are there times when you tell yourself “Okay, I will study, do my homework, then I’ll take this nap.”  But in reality, your mind is already made up, what really happens is “I DESERVE to take this nap, and then I can study and do my homework.”

The real question is how do you balance out your “me time” and your study time equally?

Jordan Laboube and Jon Jason Duhaylungsod study in the library. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

On the Missouri Valley campus, the Murrell Memorial Library is filled with students every week night. Offering computer labs, free printing, quiet study areas (upstairs) and group study (downstairs), many students find the library to be a comfortable atmosphere to get into their “study zone”. 

Wrestling freshman Jordan Laboube said he uses the library “to type essays, check my Moodle, get away from my dorm where people are loud and I also attend study table here.” 

Besides offering areas to study, other Murrell Library features are the Coffee by the Book room, DVD rentals, traveling exhibits, and student favorite snacks such as pastries, chocolate muffins, Honey Buns, Texas cinnamon rolls, and super-sized Rice Crispy Treats.

Reference Librarian Mary Slater works said, “We have many quiet areas and databases for the students who want to study outside their dorm.”

Seeing most Valley students come in at 7 p.m. and stay till close at 11 p.m., Slater said, “We sell a lot of coffee and hot chocolate in the winter.”

Students like men’s volleyball freshman Jon Jason Duhaylungsod come to the library not only to stay updated with the latest news but also to check-out books. Duhaylungsod said he recently checked-out “Blood, Money, and Power” by Barr McClellan.

Rooms such as the computer lab are always filled with students who are typing papers or don’t own computers. 

“I get distracted in my room, and I am a fan of the coffee,” senior Sherele Duckworth said.

Coming to the library is just a must for some students who can’t focus in their room. Senior Rashad McKemzie knows that when he’s in the library, he can’t be bothered by people in his dorm room. “If I stay in my room, I get the feeling to leave my room,” McKemzie added.

No matter the class level or age, freshmen through seniors make and take time to study in the Murrell Library, using the features of the library to their advantage. So, before or after you take your “well-deserved nap,” let the library be your escape to get into your “study zone.”


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