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MVC senior, Andre Richardson reads emotional passages from "In our family"

 Story by Jacob Coleman

MVC’s Murrell Memorial Library is hosting “In Our Family,” a traveling exhibit that represents diversity within all living situations.  It brings an emotional response to all who embrace family as the meaning of life. 

The exhibit involves 20 families that represent adoptive and foster families, divorced and stepfamilies, single parent households, multiracial families, families facing chronic illness and death, families living with mental and physical disabilities, lesbian and gay-parented families, interfaith families, multigenerational households, and immigrant families.

Brian Hampton, MVC Library events coordinator, said, “We are hosting this exhibit in particular, because it helps to challenge stereotypes and dismantle prejudice by celebrating and supporting differences of all kinds.” The exhibit is a model of diversity and inclusiveness that delivers the message that “every family should be valued and supported,” he said. Students at Missouri Valley come from a vast array of ethnic, religious, and cultural backrounds and “In our family” can relate to every situation.

MVC senior Andre Richardson reads emotional passages from “In our family.” (Photo by Jacob Coleman)

Andre “Dre” Richardson, an MVC senior and Chicago native, said  “Growing up in Chicago isn’t easy. I’ve learned that life isn’t easy either so I make the most of it.” As Richardson took in the emotional stories within the the exhibit, he seemed to be amazed by the will of these families. “To be going through what they are and be able to stay so positive is incredible,” he said.

This exhibit can provide an emotional experience that helps bring learning and understanding to all who see it. The 20 families come together to paint the picture of one word “Diversity” and  bring people together  though a powerful text-photo style. Anyone interested in seeing  “In our family” can go to the Murrell Library and for more info on this exhibit visit:






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