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William Romine, assistant professor of Physical Sciences

This is the first in an ongoing series of question-and-answer responses with new faculty members at Missouri Valley College from some Delta newspaper questions.

Featured MVC faculty member:

William Romine, assistant professor of Physical Sciences

Delta Question: What courses do you at MVC?

WILLIAM ROMINE: Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Science.

Delta: Where were born? Where have you resided?

William Romine, assistant professor of Physical Sciences

ROMINE: Born in Macon, Mo.  Grew up in Jefferson City.  Currently live in Columbia, Mo.

Delta: What educational degrees have you earned and from what universities or colleges?

ROMINE: BA Physics; MA Science Education from Truman State University; MS Geology, PhD, Science Education from University of Missouri.

Delta: Tell a little about  your personal life.

ROMINE: Wife, Tanvi is pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Missouri.

Delta: When you were an undergraduate student, what activities (including sports) or organizations did you participate in?

ROMINE: Running, Taekwon-do.

Delta: What are your hobbies or recreational interests?

ROMINE: Martial arts, making longbows, running.

Delta: What is your favorite subject or class to instruct, and why?

ROMINE: Chemistry and Geology because the experiments are fun and the knowledge gained can be used to solve a lot of real-world problems.

Delta: How is college or dorm life different from when you were a college student?

ROMINE: I’ve never visited the dorms here, so I don’t know. The food here is great, though–much more variety than when I went to school.

Delta: Other than this position, what’s the most interesting job you’ve ever held and why?

ROMINE: Doing research on lava flows at University of Missouri.  I got to travel to California to collect lava flows, and then

William Romine instructs in a science lab. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

took them back to lab to melt, squish, zap them with radiation, and look at them under the microscope.  How can that not be fun? 

Delta: What was the subject of your thesis or dissertation?

ROMINE: Geology Thesis:  Flow and Heat Transfer Properties of Mono Crater Rhyolites:  Effects of Temperature, Water Content, and Crystallinity. Science Education Dissertation: Development and Validation of Two Influenza Assessments: Exploring the Impact of Knowledge and Social Environment on Health Behaviors.

Delta: What was the best class you took, as a student, in college and why?

ROMINE: World Religions. It really opened my mind to the fact that there is more than one way to look at the human condition.

Delta: What’s your favorite book, movie, TV show, or website?

ROMINE: Book: The Source by James Michener.

Delta: What foreign countries have you visited?

ROMINE: China and India.

Delta: What’s something unique about yourself that the MVC community might not know?

ROMINE: I used to want to major in English until I discovered that there is a lot of writing and creativity in science, too.  


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