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Tommy Waller and Sam Hill portray another pair of hostages. (Photo by Jay Rozema)


A scene from the play with Tommy Waller and Samantha Hill. (Photo by Jay Rozema)

A compelling dramatic storyline and great character portrayals highlighted the play “Heads” by E.M. Lewis which was presented in early October in the Morris Experimental Theatre (MET).

With larger productions, the MET would be limiting, but, in this case, with a four-character play in a setting meant to feel close and confined, like kidnapped hostages (the subject of the play) might feel, the MET was a perfect venue. Seating for the audience was close to the actors in the small, illuminated spaces.

Joshua Tag and Matt Ford portray two of the hostages. (Photo by Jay Rozema)

The play was about four people taken hostage in Iraq, with the looming threat of execution by beheading.   

The student actors were Matt Ford, Sam Hill, Joshua Tag, and Tommy Waller, all providing intense performances. The director was Harold Hynick, assistant professor of Theatre.

The production team included Crystal Mann, assistant director and stage

Tommy Waller and Sam Hill portray another pair of hostages. (Photo by Jay Rozema)

manager’; Jay Rozema, set/sound design; Dyann Rozema, costume designer; Catie Combs, lighting designer; Jesse Carpenter, assistant stage manager; and Zak McKinney, make-up designer. The run crew were Jesse Carpenter, Taylor Castillo, Sequan Davison, Rachel LaGrou, and Caitlynn Davidson. The scene shop crew were Zak McKinney, Samantha Hill, Jesse Carpenter, and Jessica D’Amico. The costume crew were Rachel LaGrou and Shirley Binkley.


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