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The little girl (Sydney Robb) hears the story from her father (Clayton Sullivan).

“The Nosemaker’s Apprentice” play had colorful characters and set with a fantastically funny storyline. Cast members included Sequan Davison, Carrie Palmer, Caitlynn Davidson, and Matthew Ford. (Photos by David L. Roberts)

 The medieval art and science of nosemaking provided the unlikely theme for “The Nosemaker’s Apprentice,” a funny, colorful comedy performed by MVC Theatre students in the MET in early November.

The play was about a young girl who asks her father where plastic surgeons come from, and, wow, does the father tell a story about it. Knights and alchemy and romance then enter the comic fantasy.

Taylor Castillo and Caitlynn Davidson, like other cast members, play multiple character roles.

The cast for the play, with some students performing multiple roles, were Clayton Sullivan, Sydney Robb, Sequan Davison, Caitlynn Davidson, Taylor Castillo, Carrie Palmer, Symphony Johnson, Sulma Caballero, Tyrone Harris, and Matthew Ford. The director for the play was Wade Hughes, associate professor of Theatre.  The play was written by Nick Jones and Rachel Shukert.

Scenes of the play that included spectacular puppetry within a black light as

Sulma Caballero and Sequan Davison provide a humorous moment.

well as a giant villain, a cannon firing streamers into the audience, and other features that fit the larger stage of the Eckilson-Mabee Theatre had to be cut and revised to adapt to the smaller performance area in the MET, the small experimental theater in Mac Hall, after permission, once granted, was revoked for its presentation on the main stage. The play included adult language and themes, but some students and faculty were puzzled by the move since plays in the recent and distant past at the main stage, advertised with age-appropriate warnings, have included adult material, which is common in modern theater. Nevertheless, the nightly seating was filled with an appreciative audience who enjoyed the performances.

The little girl (Sydney Robb) hears the story from her father (Clayton Sullivan).


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