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Every thought of the day where you can’t get in trouble for writing on a wall and taking pictures of yourself is not considered conceded? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are all social networks that grow rapidly every day, and nowadays writing letters and calling on a land line phone is uncommon.

“I use social networks to get in contact with my friends. It’s much easier to write them on their (Facebook) wall,” said senior Trina Williams who also has a LinkedIn account for her professional career aspirations.

Ever see on Facebook when a friend has 20 status updates in one day?  It’s annoying to see their statuses throughout your time line. PLEASE refer them to Twitter, where they could tweet as much as they can and not be judged.

 Knowing that Twitter is the new trend in 2012, senior Brittney Porter finds Twitter “easy to use and a good way to find inspiring quotes.”  

Twitter also has trending topics which was helpful for the presidential race. “I didn’t have to watch TV when President Obama was re-announced as president. I was just on Twitter and found out,” said Williams.

Have that one friend that takes pictures every chance they get? No need to fear as Instagram is here, where taking pictures is the normal and only acceptable thing to do.

“I like taking pictures and it (Instagram) gives me a visual of what’s going on in every one’s life,” senior Cara Jo Clark said. Instagram allows you to follow people from all around the world, and even celebrities like Beyonce just hopped on the bandwagon.

So, which social network is being used the most? Williams and Porter use Twitter because of the fast pace and that they are easy to use. Clark uses Instagram because of the pretty pictures she can take and also like.


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