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MVC student Daniel Rivera.

Artwork by Daniel Rivera.

Story by Melinda Houttuin 

Wrestling and art are two seemingly different worlds, one of aggression and the art of using your body for leverage and strength, and one about the beauty and imagination of the mind. How can two different passions come together? For 18-year-old Daniel Rivera, a freshman studio Art major and wrestler at Missouri Valley College, it is simple. “Poetry in motion,” said Rivera. It is using his passion of the rough and rugged to inspire his aesthetic work.Daniel grew up in Houston, Texas, where he began his future as an artist with his first set of Crayola crayons and markers. This passion began to grow along with his skill in wrestling. By high school, Daniel had received honor awards with his art.

“The simple things that I find beautiful are what I use in my art,” said Daniel. “I like to study classics, like the Greco Roman Era, a period that focused on the beauty of wrestling and fighting. To me, wrestling is a beautiful thing.”

sophomore at Missouri Valley College, which allowed Daniel to further his education in art and his talent in wrestling. “Jake and I have been friends since I was four. We have even wrestled together,” said Rivera. He told Rivera how great the program was and how Missouri Valley College has a lot of great  programs to allow him to develop his art skills.
Gustave Dore, Raphael, M.C. Escher, and Pablo Picasso are just a few of Rivera”s favorite artists. “I enjoy fantasy, surrealism, and abstract pieces of art.” It’s the beauty of life and the combination of wrestling and practicing mixed martial arts that inspire him.

Concerning his future ambitions, Rivera said, “Wherever art takes me. I never know what opportunities might open up.”

Melinda Houttuin

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