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Tetsuija Oya comes to MVC from Japan.

Ciara Rushe holds the Ireland flag at MVC Convocation

Story by James O’Sullivan

Students at Missouri Valley College come from all over the world.

Ciara Rushe is one of the MVC students from Ireland.  She is from County Tyrone, Ireland, and came to Valley on a Business scholarship that is provided to 72 other students  going to school in the United States. 

For the students who are on that scholarship, they are placed at different colleges and they do not get to decide where they go.  Ciara added that the hardest time to be so far from home is for birthdays that she is missing because all of her friends are turning 21. She enjoys being here because the people at Valley are similar to back home–they are very nice. 

MVC has students from Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, and even New Zealand.  At the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, MVC had 163 international students and 73 percent of them are here for athletics. 

Milena Simic, assistant professor of Business and international student adviser, said that she will help the students with tasks, such as getting their schedule together for the following semester and giving them advice for what to expect and how to handle being that far away from home.  The international students not only have to get use to being away from home and, most for the first time, they also have to get use to the culture differences.  International students come to MVC for different reasons as well as for athletics or for academics.   

Tetsuji Oya comes to MVC from Japan.

Tetsuji Oya is one of the students from Japan and he is from Osaka.  He enjoys that there are other students from Japan who he can talk since they are going through the same thing he is.  

Oya is at MVC on an academic scholarship, and the rest he pays himself.  He stays in Marshall for the entire school year and he said that the breaks and holidays are useless.

Joao Amaral is an international student from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and he is

Joao Amaral holds the Brazilian flag.

here to play volleyball.  He does not like the food and that there are no beaches.  Joao said that the hardest part for him to be so far away from home is that there is no family with him to push him when he needs it.

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