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Sierra Fultz, MVC instructor and athletic trainer. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

This is the third in an ongoing Delta newspaper series of question-and-answer responses with new faculty members who started in the Fall 2012 semester at Missouri Valley College.

 Featured MVC faculty member: 

 Sierra Fultz, assistant athletic trainer and instructor

 Delta question: What courses do you instruct at MVC and, if any, what additional duties do you have here?

Sierra Fultz:  I  teach classes for both for the Nursing and Health Science department, as well as the Education department. In the fall semester, the classes were: Lifetime Wellness, Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries, CPR/First Aid, and Freshman Seminar. In the past, I have also taught Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, and Sport Psychology. I am also the athletic trainer for Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Wrestling, and Baseball.

Sierra Fultz, MVC instructor and athletic trainer. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

Sierra Fultz, MVC instructor and athletic trainer. (Photo by LeKyndra Duncan)

Delta question:  Where were born? Where have you resided?

Sierra Fultz: I was born in Santa Rosa, California, which is in the northern part of the state near the Napa area. I grew up in Atwater, Calif., which is a small farm town in the central valley of only 30,000 people, and is only 80 miles from Yosemite National Park. When I graduated from high school I moved to Lamoni, Iowa where I attend college and spent time with my extended/adopted family. From there I moved to Slater, Mo., and have been there for the past 5 years.

Delta question:  What educational degrees have you earned and from what universities or colleges?

Sierra Fultz: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Graceland University in Athletic Training, with concentrations in both Health and Psychology. I received my master’s degree in Education Administration from Lindenwood University, and am currently working on my Specialist degree, also in Education Administration.

Delta question: When you were an undergraduate student, what activities (including sports) or organizations did you participate in?

Sierra Fultz: My undergraduate experience was a lot different than MVC. We had a house system for the dorms. My sophomore year I was our house’s intramural representative (in charge of teams and making sure everyone knew when their games were).

Delta question:  What are your hobbies or recreational interests?

Sierra Fultz: I am a total book nerd. I love to read! The two large book cases at my house are three books deep. I have books piled on the floor, have a large book shelve still at my parents’ house, and have a Kindle with hundreds of books. 

Delta question:  What is your favorite subject or class to instruct, and why?

Sierra Fultz: If I had been asked my favorite class to teach last year I would have probably said Sport Psychology.  However, for the fall semester, I really enjoyed teaching Freshman Seminar. The students asked many questions, seemed generally interested in learning, and still have that spark for education. We actually had fun in class and did activities that are important to their education and new life at MVC, not just me having to lecture. Teaching my upper division classes is enjoyable but students do not have the same enthusiasm that I see from my freshmen.

Delta question:  How is college or dorm life different from when you were a college student?

Sierra Fultz: Our dorm system at Graceland was set up where each hall or floor of the building was a different “house.” We did not have sororities or fraternities. Each house had a president, vice president, chaplain, intramural representative, and so on. All of our activities were done as a house, and each semester the boys and girls’ houses were assigned to brother and sister halls, and we would do activities, such as homecoming events, with our brother hall. We also had house parents; our house mom had us out to her house a couple times a semester for movies, dinners, and making Christmas cookies.

Delta question: What was the subject of your thesis or dissertation?

Sierra Fultz: I have not gotten there yet! But I am on my way. I’m working on it.

Delta question:  What was the best class you took, as a student, in college and why?

Sierra Fultz: My favorite class in undergrad had nothing to do with my major. Science Fiction and Philosophy, it was a class based around the undertones of science fiction books and movies. We studied Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein in depth, mainly discussing what makes someone human, which was also the main point in the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” which is now the movie “Blade Runner.” I was able to do my final project on an old Star Trek movie, “The Final Frontier.”  I debated the points on one’s search for God. I liked being able to take some of the movies and books I had seen and read numerous times and looking at them from an entirely different perspective.

Delta question:  What’s your favorite book?

Sierra Fultz: My favorite book is “Dirty Job by Christopher Moore, which I do not recommend unless you have a good sense of humor.

Delta question:  What’s something unique about yourself that the MVC community might not know?

Sierra Fultz: I am a six-time world champion power lifter through the AAU, and still hold many records from the time I was 13 to 18. I do not compete anymore but still travel to meets to judge and work the head table. My mom is in charge of the head table at large events, and my dad is an international judge, and both of my parents still compete.


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