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Dr. Dave Reinheimer


This is the fourth in an ongoing Delta newspaper series of question-and-answer responses with new faculty members who started teaching at Missouri Valley College in August.

Featured MVC faculty member: 

Dr. Dave Reinheimer, associate professor of English and coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum

Delta question:  What courses do you instruct and, if any, what additional duties do you have at MVC?

Dr. Dave Reinheimer

Dr. Dave Reinheimer

Dr. Dave Reinheimer: I teach a variety of courses. This semester, I am teaching Literature and Composition (EN 160), Honors Humanities I (HN 190), College Reading and Writing (GS 010), and Modern Grammar (EN 350). Last semester, I taught College Reading and Writing (GS 010), Literature and Composition (EN 160), and World Literature II (EN 201). In addition, I have duties related to the Writing Across the Curriculum program.  Basically these involve regularly meeting with the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, organizing and facilitating faculty development workshops, and whatever else is necessary to provide support in order to improve the teaching and learning of writing in all of Valley’s classrooms.

Delta question: Where were born? Where have you resided?

Dr. Dave Reinheimer:  I was born in a small town in upstate New York called Clifton Springs, which is right outside Rochester.  I have also resided in Wilmington, Mass.; Gilmanton, N.H.; Northfield, Mass.; Germany; Irving, Texas; Rome, Italy; Davis, Calif.; Cape Girardeau, Mo.; and Port Clinton, Ohio.

Delta question: What educational degrees have you earned and from what universities or colleges?

Dr. Reinheimer: A Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) with a double major in English Literature and Dramatic Art from the University of Dallas, Irving, Texas; Master of Arts in Literature from the University of California, Davis; and a Ph.D in Literature (English Renaissance Drama) from the University of California, Davis.

Delta question: Could you tell a little about your personal life?

Dr. Reinheimer: I am recently married with no children yet; two dogs, pound puppies, if you will: Snoop (7 years old), who appears to be mostly mastiff and German shepherd, and Bob (5 years old) who is so mixed that her heritage is unidentifiable.

Delta question: When you were an undergraduate student, what activities (including sports) or organizations did you participate in?

Dr. Reinheimer: As a drama major, I was involved in the theater; I was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Delta question: What are your hobbies or recreational interests?

Dr. Reinheimer: I play computer and video games, primarily World of Warcraft. I play with a guitar (I’m not good enough to actually say I “play guitar”). I workout at the Y as regularly as my schedule allows.

Delta question: What is your favorite subject or class to instruct, and why?

Dr. Reinheimer: It’s hard to pick a favorite because I really enjoy teaching everything I am assigned.  If I had to pick, I would say general education courses such as EN160 because of the wide variety of perspectives the different majors bring to the course material, and, since they are introductory courses, the visible increases in knowledge and skills that my students show.

Delta question: How is college or dorm life different from when you were a college student?

Dr. Reinheimer: I don’t really know.  I haven’t lived in a dorm since 1988, so while I’m sure the changes have been immense, I am unable to characterize them.

Delta question: Other than this position, what’s the most interesting job you’ve ever held and why?

Dr. Reinheimer: I would say probably my first job as an assistant to a land surveyor.  Part of what makes that job memorable was that it was my first, so there was the whole adjustment to having a job; another part was that it was always something different: chopping through brush with a machete, using transits, doing math, drawing maps, just all sorts of very cool tasks.

Delta question: What was the subject of your thesis or dissertation?

Dr. Reinheimer: My dissertation examines the play-within-the-play (or “inset play”) in Renaissance drama, such as “The Murder of Gonzago” (or “The Mousetrap”) in Hamlet, or the Rude Mechanicals’ play at the end of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It argues that playwrights during that era, when public theater was a relatively new and evolving phenomenon, included plays in their plays to show the audience how to respond to performance.

Delta question: What was the best class you took, as a student, in college and why?

Dr. Reinheimer: If we define “best” as most challenging, I would say American Literature with Dr. Curtsinger junior year.  The class was challenging in terms of material—Dr. Curtsinger was a very tough professor—but he also did not have a whole lot of respect for his students, especially students like me.  He felt, for instance, that students of my generation had dulled their sensibility to poetry by listening to too much loud rock music—something he announced two days after I drove by playing Ozzy Osbourne at full volume on a car stereo that could be heard clearly from about 100 yards away.  I ended up winning his respect, however, mostly by reading Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady in about two days and discovering an interpretation for a scene late in the novel that he had missed in the book he had just published on the author.

Delta question: What’s your favorite book, movie, TV show, or website?

Dr. Reinheimer: Star Wars.  By the way, there is only one Star Wars, and it is not subtitled Episode IV or “A New Hope.”  There are also only three Star Wars movies; there are also three movies with Star Wars in the title, but they are something completely different (I blame it all on the Ewoks).

Delta question: What foreign countries have you visited?

Dr. Reinheimer: Mexico, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany (East and West), France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine, Greece, Austria, and Vatican City.

Delta question: What’s something unique about yourself that the MVC community might not know?

Dr. Reinheimer: As I’m new here, just about everything….guess you’ll have to come talk to me to find out.


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