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Student (Photo by Leon Emperio)
Nicole (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Nicole Whipkins looks at one of the paintings in the art gallery. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Story by Leon Emperio

Brilliant colors and interesting thems are part of the “Quietude” exhibit of artist Justin Wiest currently at the Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art at Missouri Valley College.

Wiest is a symbolic artist that arouses interest through application of implicative content. His artwork seems to open a window of perspective to its viewers through use of simple motifs and transformation of complex compositions of the paintings. These elements are expressed with oil paintings and drawings.

“I really like the artwork done by Justin Wiest. I think that he captures a lot of emotions in his work,”said Nicole Whipkins, a freshman Art Education major from Norborne, Mo. “I enjoy the bright colors he uses. For example, his ‘Pomegranates’ painting; the colors are very vivid. Also I love the ‘Betrayal’ painting, it looks sort of like the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ It is very whimsical,” she added.

Nicholas visits the exhibit at the college art gallery. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Nicholas Castro Pefiavisits the exhibit at the college art gallery. (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Nicholas Castro Pefia, a sophomore in Business Management from Uruguay, said, “I think ‘Betrayal’ is good because it has mystery. The monkey is going to do something but we don’t know what he is going to do.”

Sabrina Moussier, a senior in Criminal Justice/Psychology from France, described Wiest’s work as “very realistic, nice attention to light and shadows.” Her admiration of the “Doctor” painting was echoed by Ryan Martin, a senior music major from Branson, Mo.

Antonio L. Rodriguez Savza, a freshman in Finance major from Mexico, said, “What I like about the ‘Traveler’ painting is that he looks that he has it all figured out.”

The exhibit of Quietude by Justin Wiest runs through May 4 at the Morris Gallery, which is located on the lower level of the Technology Center on the MVC campus. For artist biographies and more information, visit Gallery or contact

Student (Photo by Leon Emperio)

Antonio Rodriguez Savza likes the “Traveler” painting.  (Photo by Leon Emperio)

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