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A sports action photo by Laura Lewis whose website is

Laura Lewis describes herself as “just a mom with a camera and having a blast.” And “awesome” comes to mind for anyone who sees Laura’s impressive work of sports action photography.

What’s even better is that Lewis has a website where her photos can be viewed in a variety of categories and then purchased as a individual or gift print.

The website is and, at the site, Lewis has galleries of photos, most of which pertain to Missouri Valley College sports, including 18 football galleries, 14 wrestling galleries, 11 volleyball galleries, seven soccer galleries, seven dance and cheer galleries, and other galleries of photos featuring basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, rodeo, cross country and track, and (not an MVC-related gallery) rugby.

Lewis said she has a passion for wrestling because her children were involved in it for years. Her daughter, Cecylee, is an MVC student.

“I am an amateur sports photographer and basically shoot for my own enjoyment,” Lewis said on the website. And people, including a lot of those in the MVC community, who enjoy great sports photography can sure be glad about that.

More examples of her sports photography found at are below.







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