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Story by Felix Alvarado

As you walk through Baity and other buildings on the MVC campus, you may see some colorful and decorated doors.  These doors have been decorated by students and faculty in pursuit and hopes of winning the 2013 Best Dress Door contest.            

Promoting the MVC core values of compassion, diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and accountability, the contest goes through September 18 and the winners will be announced during the Homecoming game on September 21. 

Judges of the contest are looking for the door that is the most creative, most spirited, and has the best use of the MVC values. The door that demonstrates most of these attributes will be awarded a $50 Pizza Hut card/classroom party and bragging rights for the year.

“We better!” said two MVC students to a question about winning the contest.  Rosemarie Bennett and Patricia Johnson have been decorating a door on second-floor Baity for two weeks.

Johnson said, “We’ve been working on this door for two weeks, and counting!” Asked if the door was close to being done, Bennett said no and that “We’re still cutting everything out.”

So, as you walk through Baity, passing Room 209, you may see a door still in the works but with a lot of potential because their theme incorporates the official values of MVC. Their plan is to incorporate all of the different nations that MVC students represent and all the clubs and sports MVC offers. Along with the values, the ambiance of the door is not to be missed.

Their door is competing with others and there is one right across the hall. That door is less subtle and literally lists the values. On the door, there are some flags and posters of encouraging slogans and the MVC motto “Valley will roll.”  Both the doors seem favorable but there are others also hoping to be announced as the winners in different categories.

On the top floor of the Ferguson Center, the office door of David Roberts, assistant professor of Mass Communication, features photos of Mass Comm students, showcasing diversity, social responsibilities of their work in media, and other inferences to MVC values. Roberts added a tie to the door knob, saying that a tie always looks dressy, though it probably works more for a faculty member than for a door.

The deadline to register for the contest has passed. Officially, the door has slammed on that aspect of the contest, but people still have time to unofficially join the creative fun.

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