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MVC international students Fanny Bertalan (left) and Joe Hindle appreciate having bicycles for travel in Marshall.

Story by Kathrine Flores

Ezekiel’s Wheels program, which provides bicycles to students who need them, was created four years ago by MVC Chaplain Pam Sebastian. Sebastian said that in the beginning, the program functioned through donations alone. Sebastian thought that students needed a way to get to work and get to school if they lived off campus.

There was no money to fund the program but Sebastian said, “Let me see what I can do” and was able to get around six bikes to start the program rolling for the  first year.

“The bikes were snatched up quick,” Sebastian said and from then on Ezekiel’s Wheels has been trying to provide more and more bikes for the students of MVC.

Sebastian looks all over for bikes as often as she can. The places that she looks for bikes include garage sales, the police bike impound, and family and friends who have outgrown bikes or find no use for them anymore.

Ezekiel’s Wheels has many different types of bikes from old refurbished ten-speed bikes to brand new beach cruisers.

“This program is very beneficial to the school,” said Tony Barrow, an MVC student who has used the Ezekiel’s Wheels program.

For years, students have had a common struggle of finding transportation to get around Marshall, whether it is to get to work or get to the grocery store. This program has been helping students on the MVC campus and becomes more popular with every year it is available.


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