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Delta Webmaster Amit Jain works on new design for Delta website.
(Photo by Brent Kalwei)
Delta Webmaster Amit Jain works on new design for Delta website. (Photo by Brent Kalwei)

Delta Webmaster Amit Jain works on new design for Delta website.
(Photo by Brent Kalwei)

Story by Brent Kalwei

With the start of its third year, the MVC Delta Online website has been redesigned for the ease of reading the news and seeing the photos on mobile devices.

Amit Jain, the student webmaster for the Delta Online website, has constantly been working on ways to upgrade this website, making this website one of the school’s major sources for news on campus. 

Just as Missouri Valley College changes year after year with the addition of new  programs and the advancement of technology around the campus, the same can be said about the MVC Delta website. 

Most of the major upgrades to the website this year deal with advanced features when viewing the website through mobile phone. Jain said that changes needed to be made because the Delta website was originally designed for PC display, therefore the text for smartphones and tablets was harder to read. 

Early this summer, Jain began working on altering the layout for phone compatibility. When Jain was finished, he was satisfied with the results. He said, “The new Delta is a responsive design. It resizes content, images and the entire layout of the website to fit extremely well on tiny smartphones as well as giant 60-inch monitors. Text is presented beautifully and is very readable no matter the screen size.” 

The MVC Delta Website has become involved with Facebook and Twitter to where now when a story is published on the website it will go straight to both of those social networks. This will help circulate articles for more readers to access them.

Another new feature added recently helps readers find stories without having to go out of their way to find a story they want. Jain said, “Instead of burying older stories, we now try to resurface interesting ones and keep others just a click away on the  Archives page.” 

The MVC Delta website has come a long since it was founded by David Roberts, assistant professor of Mass Communication, and Amit Jain, currently a senior, during the 2011 school year.   

Roberts said the Mass Communication department wanted to add the Internet component to its media production work for some time. He said he was very fortunate in discovering Jain, a student with the technological skills to develop the website, within the student population. Roberts met Jain at freshman orientation, helping him register for his first classes at MVC. Impressed by the technological knowledge that Jain had, Roberts said that the website plan stayed on his mind and a year later Roberts asked Jain to help design the website and provide technical assistance. Jain worked on the first design for the site over that summer, with the website coming into existence and active use by the Delta reporters in the Fall of 2011.

Amit Jain has been a web designer for a total of seven years now. Some of his more notable website designs include layouts for Cajun KC and Jacobson KC which are two restaurants based out of Kansas City, Mo.

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