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groundkeeper 2

groundkeeper 2

 MVC Groundkeeper Geneva Harris (Photo by Aki Nagasaka)

Story and Video by Aki Nagasaka

One of the first features that any visitor notices about Missouri Valley College is the beautiful landscaping. One person who is involved with that effort is groundkeeper Geneva Harris.

Harris started to work at the MVC campus this spring. Her great work already appears and pleases the eyes of people on campus.

Harris began working as a flower designer more than 20 years ago. After 15 years, she started to do landscaping and increased her sphere of activity. Her work shows people not only the beauty of nature, but also her love for her job. The end results is the beauty of flowers and landscaping, and what is accomplished, she said. “That is one of the most fun parts of my job.” Harris said.

After she works through October, she is going to be preparing for next season. She will start back up in March. Her new project is filling the circle flower bed on the quad with purple and orange tulips.

“I have so many ideas. God gave us a lot of beautiful things to work with,” Harris said.

She added the only difficulty of her job was the heat of summer and fall, sometimes with days in a regional heatwave. In any job, however, it is a pleasure if people enjoy what they are doing.

Landscaping is taking nature and making it beautiful. It is not only her pleasure anymore, but everyone else gets to share the pleasure from her work.



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