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Photo: Lacrosse team during first scrimmage at Reed Kepner Memorial Field. (Photo by Tyrone Ritter)

Story by Tyrone Ritter

There are plenty of new sights and sounds on the campus of Missouri Valley College. Adding to the trend is lacrosse. It is the newest sport at Missouri Valley.

With a new sport come new players and new coaches. Kevin Totaro, head men’s lacrosse coach, is a native of Maryland, and a former football and lacrosse player. Totaro said he is happy to be in the Midwest and knows lacrosse is growing. He said, “This past year at the Final Four’s in division one sports, they announced that Missouri is the next-up incoming state for lacrosse in the Midwest.” He said first and foremost that he wanted to thank MVC President Bonnie Humphrey and Athletic Director Tom Fifer for the opportunity of adding it here.

The lacrosse team will make an instant impact when they play the Fall Brawl, September 28. The University of Missouri, along with Kansas State University and Iowa State University, will be going up against the Vikings in the first-ever lacrosse games played on the campus of Missouri Valley.

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