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 Story by Tyrone Ritter

The 2013 Fall Semester is winding down and so is the Major League Baseball season. The World Series between the St.Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox has only a few games left.

Students who are fans of the Red Sox or Cardinals have had plenty of action to take in during the past couple of weeks. The Murrell Memorial Library even showed the first game of the Word Series. But will watching the Fall Classic distract students from their class work?

Freshman David Neuman, a Criminal Justice major from St. Louis, has liked the “Red Birds” since he was young. He has watched the games and managed to keep up with his class work. “I haven’t had any problem getting my home work done, because the games are all at night and my classes are in the morning,” Neuman said.

Christina Bautista, Red Sox fan and Mass Communiction major, said she would pick doing homework over the game. “I can look up later who wins…and I’m never going to get my stuff done if I don’t do my homework,” Bautista said.

With the World Series only days away from being over and the semester coming to end, it looks like the students won’t have to choose between baseball and school any longer. But now basketball seasons has begun.


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