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 Story, Photo, and Video by Kathrine Flores

Emily Alameida is a junior transfer student from California, but Emily is different from most transfers. Almeida is only 18 years old and is currently in her third year of college. Almeida started school at a young age of 4 years old.

“A mixture of being smart and a hard-worker is how my dad explains it,” she said. “My dad regrets letting me start early and skip seventh grade because he feels that his little girls are growing up too fast.”

Emily doesn’t see being a young transfer as being different from other students but more of a “fun fact.”

“I was going to go through college anyways,” she said. As she is so young for the process, she said it “is just a fun fact about me.”

Emily has already received her associate degree in Kinesiology and plans on finishing her bachelor’s degree by the age of 20.

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