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Story by DelMeko Jordan

“I am here to make a living for my brother and my daughter so I can be financially stable for them,” said MVC student Phillip Fowler.

Phillip Fowler is a two-year starter on the Missouri Valley Varsity Football team. His major is Mass Communication and he wants a career in radio or broadcasting. Fowler grew up in San Diego California with his dad and siblings. He’s a family man and  he loves his siblings, especially his older brother who has Muscular Dystrophy. His brother’s disease became worse when they were in middle school, and which made him have to use a wheelchair.

“I am my brother‘s keeper,” Fowler said, as he’s a caregiver for his brother when he’s back from college. When Fowler graduated high school, he took a year off from school and he decided to go back to school in spring of 2011. He attended Malone University of Canton, Ohio. Then he took that fall of and decided to work so that he can supply his needs for his loved ones. However, he wanted to play football because he missed the sport.

Fowler came to Missouri Valley in the spring of 2012 to finish his degree and for spring camp for football. “I will be a starter,” was all that Fowler was saying in his mind as he came to Moval as third man on the depth chart. Eventually during spring camp, he earned that number one spot out of eight safeties on the team. He has been a physically safety for Valley’s football team.

Fowler became an All American Honorable Mention his first year at Missouri Valley. “My goal for my last year on the team is to be higher than honorable mention, to get more turnovers, an interception that I am seeking to get because I didn’t get it last year, and that national championship ring,” said Fowler.

His main goal is to graduate.  “I won’t quit. My family needs me.” Fowler wants this degree so that he can open up doors that his family didn’t have. He will be the first one in his family to graduate from college. He not only want this for himself, but he also wants this for his family, like his daughter and brother that needs him. “I am my brother’s keeper” is the motivation that keeps Fowler going and wanting to succeed in life.


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