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A students shirt in support of Breast Cancer.
Students shirt to support Breast Cancer.

Students shirt to support Breast Cancer.

Story by Ashley Llorens

Tie Dye for Breast Cancer Awareness took place in the Formal Lounge, located in Ferguson on October 10 at 8 p.m, where students were welcomed to come in and tie dye their shirts pink and decorate them with a name or phrase that they felt raised awareness about breast cancer.

“I decided to do the event because I wanted to get the students involved with Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” said Emily Fennewald, Student Activities coordinator.

Students just had to bring in their own white shirts and the rest of the supplies were provided for them. The event has been conducted annually for three years and each year it gets better than the year before, Fennewald said. About 40 people took part in the event this year, all bringing with them stories about loved ones they know had battled with breast cancer.

“My great grandma had breast cancer. I think that it was a good event to have to support breast cancer and I really enjoyed it,” said Lauren Alferos, a student who attended the event.

 “Everyone knows someone who has had to deal with breast cancer and this event allows them to make a shirt in honor of someone they know who had been affected by it,” Fennewald said about the appreciation she noticed from the students who attended the event.

The event allowed students to remember those with breast cancer in a casual yet honorable way.

“You hear everyone’s story and how it affects their lives. It makes people realize it could happen to anyone’s family or friend,” Fennewald added.

Earlier in the week, Emily Fennwald also allowed students to write down a loved one’s name and post it on a Breast Cancer Honor Wall in front of the cafeteria. “The honor wall has been going on for 5 years. A staff member and I were talking about how we each had someone die from breast cancer. We wanted to do something for the month of October to help honor those that have battled or lost their fight. It shows how many Vikings have really been affected by breast cancer and hopefully raises more awareness,” she said.

The honor wall and the tie dye event both help raise awareness about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Lauren Alferos and the shirt she made in honor of her grandma.

Lauren Alferos and the shirt she made in honor of her grandmother.

Students tie dye their shirts pink.

Students tie dye their shirts pink.

A students shirt in support of Breast Cancer.

A student’s shirt in support of Breast Cancer.

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