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MVC dancers at the 2013 flash mob

Story and Photos by Fanny Bertalan

The 2013 Convocation ceremony ended with a flash mob performance initiated for the occasion by some MVC students last August 28 on the quad.

MVC flash mob participants performing

MVC flash mob participants performed during Convocation.

 As the ceremony went to an end, “Evacuate the dance floor” from singer Cascada, resounded on the Quad. Initiated by Sharon Weiser, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and trained by Janie D. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Dance, dancers started the choreography, quickly joined by the MVC cheerleader team and some students. It is more likely that students were enjoying it but too shy to join. “Freshmen should participate. Last year there were a lot of people dancing and everybody had fun together”, said dancer Rebecca Russi. On Sunday 25 a group of students attended the practice at the Morrisson gym. Easy, simple and rhythmic steps were the key to the choreography so that everybody can participate, and join at any time once it is performed. 

 More about the Dance Division

MVC dancers at the 2013 flash mob

MVC dancers at the 2013 flash mob.

The dancers here at Valley put on a wonderful flash mob, but that’s not all they’re up to this school year. Dancers have been practicing for many upcoming events since the beginning of the semester. You maybe saw them selling cookies during Family Weekend at the football game on Saturday Sept. 21 to raise money for these events. During the first week of school, they had a guest dancer from New York who performed Comtempory Ballet. Dance Assistant Professor Janie Morgan said they are going to have another guest from Arizona in January. Those guests are part of the Dance program which helps dancers work with other professionals and broaden their skills.

 Flash mob: a trend made in USA

Chris Brown, George W. Bush, Rachael Ray… Today celebrities have organized flash mobs or are targeted to be surprised. A flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform a dance for a brief time. It is in 2003 that Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper’s Magazine at that time, initiated the first flash mobs for the sole purpose of a social experiment. Flash mobs are now used wisely to advertize. Suave Professionals hair care set a flash mob in Time Square with special guest Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family.”  A company has also been created: the FMA, Flash Mob of America, which organizes flash mob from customer requests in a bigger proportion for major event.

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