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Story and Video by Kathrine Flores

“Shots” were fired in the Murrell Library on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Rubber-band guns were available for students participating in the Hewey Dewey Decimal Duck Hunt. Students wore beards like the “Duck Dynasty” television cast and each had their shot at shooting a (rubber) duck for a prize.

“This event went extremely well and was a lot of fun,” said Jae Steinkuhler, the library special events coordinator.

First prize was an Uncle Si Duck Dynasty costume that has been on display in the library. Second prize was a koozie cup holder with the cast of Duck Dynasty on it. And third prize was a “Duck Dynasty” cup full of candy.

The game took place after Biology Assistant Professor Waylon Hiler’s presentation on the “Hellbender” salamander. There will be more events, exihibits and presentations taking place in the library throughout the year. The next presentation was Tuesday Oct. 29 by Dr. Larry Godsey about his deployment to Afghanistan and how he helped with their agricultural system.

For more information or questions on any events taking place in the Murrell Library contact Jae Steinkuhler at: steinkuhlerj@moval.edu

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