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Amy Huff

Amy Huff

Amy Huff looks over her mother’s notes in the Bible. (Photo by Brent Kalwei)

 Story by Brent Kalwei

When Amy Huff found her mother’s Bible, it was like finding a diamond in the rough or a hidden treasure that has been missing for so many years.

A year after Huff’s mother died from cancer, she found her mother’s Bible, opened it up and instantly flipped to a page her mother bookmarked. Huff considered the notes her mom had written in the pages of the Bible.

“The notes she wrote in there was almost like she was speaking to me personally because I was the first one in the family to open up her bible,” Huff said.

In Psalms 18, her mother described the cancer and radiation therapy she battled through. “Even what she described as stomping out the cancer cells,” Huff said.

Huff describes the relationship she had with her mother as a special one. She said her mother played the roles of her mother and her best friend as well.

Huff said her mother took care of her and guided her toward a promising future while also spending quality time with her.
From reading further in her mother’s notes, Huff found satisfaction from the words her mother left for her. Huff’s mother said everything was going to be okay and therefore Huff was provided comfort when she found out her mother expressed being in heaven.

“The notes were calming for me because it helped me realize she knew what was going on and it didn’t bother her because she knew what the outcome would be,” Huff said.

She said her mother was a magnificent pianist who played beautiful music while she was at church. “I always imagine her playing the piano in heaven” with the choir singing, Huff said.

Huff is also a dedicated writer and artist. She finds inspiration in both from reading fantasy novels which is a subject that helps her envision world where there are no problems.

“I kind of poured part of my soul into what I wrote,” Huff said.

Huff shared her story about her relationship with her mother and how it relates to the Bible at Missouri Valley College’s presentation of “Literature on the Lawn.” This event promoted literature recognition on campus and allowed students to read parts of their favorite novels or works they wrote themselves.

Aki Nagasaka, MVC mass communication major, was an audience member at the event. She said Huff’s story was touching to her.

Nagasaka said she didn’t know anything about Huff’s religion until the “Literature on the Lawn” event. “Her sharing her experience helped me understand what they believe in,” Nagasaka said.

Phillip Fowler, MVC mass communication major, also attended the event. “That was something she has to have courage for,” Fowler said about Huff’s story about her relationship with her mother.

The experience of reading in front of an audience was a big step for Huff. She said she had never read in front of people like that before. It was a way to share a unique piece of her life.

Huff also used Literature on the Lawn as a chance to read a poem she had written which was fantasy-based.

Huff said she respects the beliefs of others because everybody should have their own views and opinions on life. She added that reading passages and sharing her relationship with her mother allowed her to share her outlooks on life.

Huff goes to a Baptist church but doesn’t like really like to be called a religious person. She said it’s more about the relationship she has with God and Jesus. Most of Huff’s beliefs and values come directly from what she has read in the Bible.

Reading into her mother’s Bible has opened a new positive outlook on life for Huff. She continues to be enthusiastic about her relationship with her mother. It is a relationship she can carry on forever.

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