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Story by Chase Burgess     

A group of survivors led by former sheriff Rick Grimes is hold up in an abandoned prison in Georgia on the latest episode of “The Walking Dead”; a company creates a multipurpose tool in Pennsylvania that can help people defend themselves from the living dead; and a new zombie themed video game set in the South, is released to the public. Where can you find more about these topics in one place? At

Zombie Apocalypse Monthly is a publication/website created and managed by Missouri Valley College’s instructor Chris Post. Post teaches “Reading and Composition” this semester, and will also be instructing “Media and Culture” next semester. Post was an adjunct faculty member at MVC before becoming the editor at The Concordian in Concordia, Mo.

Post began his current relationship with zombies by writing a back-story for a Facebook game that would eventually be put on hold. However, his interest in zombies started long before that.

“I guess you could trace the origins back to when I was in the sixth grade and saw George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead.’ It totally freaked me out and from then on zombies were always the monsters that haunted my dreams,” Post said. “Werewolves and vampires never really scared me, but zombies were a whole different matter. They somehow seemed more plausible,”

Post said  that he didn’t become a zombie-fanatic overnight. Like most people,  AMC’s adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” played a large part in his interest in the genre.    

After the shelving of the Facebook game, he began writing for the Zombie Research Society’s website. However, he became frustrated with the amount of time it would take for the website to publish his work so he began his own project, a PDF magazine called Zombie Apocalypse Monthly. The magazine is on hold while the website is becoming the focus of the project. However, older editions of the online magazine are still available for purchase and are distributed through set itself apart from other horror genre websites by focusing solely on zombies. Recently, the website has began adding reviews of weapons that could be used in an apocalyptic scenario.

“We cover just about everything zombie. We do a lot of features on zombie novelists and film makers. In addition, we cover zombie-themed projects that are looking for crowd-funding. I find it personally rewarding when a project we’ve featured reaches its funding goals,” Post said. 

When Post says all things zombie, he means all things zombie. covers music videos with zombies, zombie versions of cartoon characters, zombie films both domestic and foreign, zombie board games, zombie fun runs, zombie-themed TV shows, and zombie-themed video games, just to name a few. is still a new concept and is in the growing stages. As long as there are zombie stories to be told, he’ll be writing them, Post said. Check out for all your zombie apocalypse needs and news.

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