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Ken Kujawa

 Ken Kujawa









Photo: Ken Kujawa, the Voice of the Vikings, will  serve as the president of the MBEA.  (Photo by David L. Roberts)

Story and Video by Tyrone Ritter

Ken Kujawa has been in the broadcasting business for more than 30 years.  He is the director of the Viking Sports Network and a Mass Communication  instructor.

Now he has a new title: President of the Missouri Broadcast Educators Association. “The MBEA is a place to discuss problems and issues in the broadcast industry and education it’s made up of several universities and colleges in the state” Kujawa said. The MBEA also gives students a chance to win awards by holding a contest in categories like, Public Service Announcements, Documentaries, and Sports Shows.

Kujawa first became involved with the MBEA when he came to Missouri Valley in 2008. He said he felt it would be a good idea to be involved not just for students but for the instructors. “We can share our ideas with instructors around the state and we can see how they teach as well,” Kujawa said.  The next meeting will be held  next year.

MVC has had a history of MBEA involvement. Harry Carrell, another MVC Mass Communication faculty member, served as MBEA president in 2009 and 2010.

For more information go to the MBEA website,


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