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The windshield of one of the cars is complety damaged

The two cars damaged by the branches

The two cars  were damaged by the falling branches.

Story and photos by Fanny Bertalan

Branches fell and damaged windshields of cars in an MVC parking lot on Sunday, Nov. 17, because of strong gusts of wind.

The wind coincided with the occurrence of nearly 50 tornadoes that hit the Midwest this weekend, according to CNN. On Sunday, two cars parked between the Morrisson gym and the Viking Village apartments were seriously damaged by falling branches that broke windshields and dented the cars. Students Aubrey Nichole and Britney Brisco, the owners of the two cars,were immediately contacted.

The windshield of one of the cars is complety damaged 
One of the car’s windshield.
Some of the branches that fell down 
Some of the branches that fell because of the wind.
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