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Commentary  by Tyrone Ritter

The reason Seattle will win the Super Bowl’s Vince Lombardi Trophy is: DEFENSE. The Seahawks are ranked No. 1 in defense. according to The Hawks give up the fewest point in the NFL. The defense for the Seahawks also leads the league in interceptions. On Super Bowl Sunday, the Seattle defense will have plenty of opportunities to intercept Denver’s offense.

If there is anything we can count, it is that the Denver Broncos will throw the football. Peyton Manning led the NFL in passing yards with more than 5,000. His 55 touchdown passes were 16 more than Drew Brees who finished in second. With such great numbers, why wouldn’t Denver throw the ball? The whole reason the Broncos are in the Super Bowl is because that offense is so good.

Even if the Seattle defense wasn’t as good as they are, the Denver Broncos might still have to overcome another sinister opponent: the weather. The outlook for the first outdoor cold-weather Super Bowl looks bleak. Weather forecasts are calling for a “Light Wintry Mix,” according to the Weather Channel, with 36 degrees as the highest temperature for the day. If that forecast holds true, the Broncos will be able to blame Roger Goodell and the Seattle defense for the loss.


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    Broncos 27-17. But winter cold and commercials score big-time.

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