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Photo: Charlie Guthrey leads a discussion about how invention of the past links with invention of the present. (Brent Kalwei) 

Story by Brent Kalwei

Book club members who attend “Pushing the Limits” receive a chill as they discuss Clive Cussler’s 1847-based science fiction novel “Artic Drift” in the Murrell Memorial Library.

Charlie Guthrey, adjunct instructor of Social Science/Education, said “Arctic Drift” deals with the challenges of overcoming global warming and surviving by adapting to the environment. He said it’s important to understand these issues and how they affect humans in the real world.

Guthrey was chosen by the library staff to facilitate the “Pushing the Limits” events. About 15 faculty and community members attended the book festivities.

Jae Steinkuhler, Murrell library special event coordinator, hosts many different events in the library and she said this one differs from the others. She added that Guthrey runs this event almost like a classroom atmosphere.

Guthrey opens the discussion with questions regarding subjects such as themes, problems and characters and then members are given the opportunity to share their opinions.

William Fuller, book club member and Business lecturer, said one of the best parts of this club is looking for an outlook on the books that stimulates the reader’s mind.

This is the first time Fuller has been a part of any book club before. Cussler is one of Fuller’s favorite authors adding that he has read every one of his books.

Fuller said he likes “Arctic Drift” because it has a historical value and the scientific methods they used in the book relate to what people do today.

Steinkuhler said the book shows the reader the history and how it still applies to how people live today. She also said it helps people moving forward as science is continuing to advance.

During this installment of the event, not only does the group discuss the book, but Guthrey provided visuals as well. Members viewed a DVD of an interview Cussler gives about his book.

Guthrey also played a short story about current agriculture and how farmers execute survival skills in current living conditions.

Guthrey likes the book so much that he said he plans on reading more of Cussler’s work in the future.

As far as how to become a member of “Pushing the Limits,” Guthrey said anyone who wants to join the group is allowed. All you have to do is show up.

“Pushing the Limits” will feature three more meet dates that will span over the semester. The remaining three books include Eric Larson’s “Thunderstruck, Jean Auel’s “Land of the Painted Caves, and T.C. Boyle’s “When the Killing’s Done.” All books stick to the science fiction theme.

The pages will be turned and the drama will continue as the “Pushing the Limits” group meets again to discuss “Thunderstruck. The event will take place at 7 p.m. on March 4 in the Murrell Memorial Library.

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