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Missouri Valley men's lacrosse team pregame warmup before Sunday's game aganist Missouri State University

Missouri Valley men's lacrosse team pregame warmup before Sunday's game aganist Missouri State University

Story by Tyrone Ritter

Snow kept Missouri Valley College’s men’s lacrosse team from playing at home but it couldn’t stop the team from winning. Missouri Valley handled Missouri State University 16-10 at the Anheuser-Busch Sports Complex in Fenton, Mo.

The game was original scheduled to be played Saturday, February 17, at Reed Kepner Field in Marshall. After the snow and cold weather kept the field from being playable, the game was rescheduled to be played at the Anheuser-Busch Sports Complex. The contest again was rescheduled a second time for Sunday afternoon.

“Whether it was postponed another day or what, these guys would be ready for whatever day they had coming,” said Kevin Totaro, the head men’s lacrosse coach at Missouri Valley College.

Once the game started, the Vikings made sure it would be a successful first-ever regular season game. The Missouri Valley team scored the opening goal of the game and never trailed at any time in the game.

Junior attacker Greg Abendshoen scored the first of his four goals in the opening minutes of the game and the Vikings kept scoring all game.

Junior midfielder J.J. Licata had two goals and one assist. Licata said after the game that the team just had to play their game.

“Our game is run and gun. We just have to take it to the goal every time,” Licata said.

The Vikings did take home the win in a game that had them as the home team on the score board.

The Vikings had six different goal scorers.

Junior Attacker Max Slutsky led the Vikings with five goals and three assist, junior midfielder Jeremy Frosch and freshman midfielder Brandon Gallagher had two goals, sophomore midfielder Tim Setree had one goal and two assists, and  junior attacker Doug Brown added three assists.  Freshman Goalkeeper Brandon Minshall made 21 saves.

The next game for the Vikings is Saturday, Feb. 22, at Reed Kepner Field in Marshall against Rockhurst University at 2 p.m.

Missouri Valley lacrosse timeout during the game against missouri state university

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