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Story by Tyrone Ritter

Intruders on campuses across the nation have been a problem. Missouri Valley College experienced its own intruder alert twice in the past two weeks.

On Monday, March 24, the MVC Department of Public Safety received information that an intruder entered MacDonald Hall at approximately 5:15 p.m. The individual entered a room on the ground floor and attempted physical contact with students.

The other alert came on Wednesday, March 19, when a male non-student entered the Morrison Fine Arts Center and the Alpha Sigma Alpha house. The individual was detained by campus authorities and escorted off-campus by the Marshall Police Department. The two incidents show that potential danger lurks at all places and times.

The main complaint of students on campus has been stolen property. The authorities patrol the streets and watch the building but students have to be active in preventing robberies and strange people from entering the building.

Karen Reeter, the director of Public Safety, said students can protect themselves by being aware and locking doors.

Missouri Valley College is a “city within a city,” Reeter said. “People can make you feel comfortable and then they will rob you.”


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