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Photo above: Traveling to the MCMA convention and displaying some of the awards earned by many students are (from left) Devon Wade, Amit Jain, Brent Kalwei, Chase Burgess, Kathrine Flores, Jessica Crabtree, Ashley Llorens, Christina Bautista, and Ralitsa Gospodinova. Not pictured: David Roberts, who took the photo.

Delta News Story:

Missouri Valley College students working for the Delta newspaper captured awards in many categories of the Missouri College Media Association (MCMA) competition at a convention in Kirksville over the weekend.

With a number of MVC students winning more than one award and counting students who were part of staff projects for Zoom photojournalism magazine and a Copy Editing edition, 31 certificates of awards for individual work can now be added to the previous six years of Delta awards from the MCMA, totaling 105 awards.

Because of the points achieved from the number of earned certificates this year, the Delta won second-place in the Sweepstakes Award in its division, a first-time honor.

The Delta continued its streak of annual awards for the Delta website and the Zoom photojournalism magazine.

For individual honors, the following students were awarded for Delta work:

First-place awards went to Chase Burgess for a sports column about his grandfather who is life-long Cardinals fan; Will Lee in sports writing for a story about the arrival of lacrosse as a college sport, and Gabriel Costa Gomes dos Santos in news photography for a photo of a car crashing through the front window of a Marshall store.

Second-place awards went to Christina Bautista for an entertainment cartoon about a moment in pop culture, Chase Burgess in feature writing for a story about an ambidextrous pitcher, Amit Jain for the website homepage, Brent Kalwei for a sports column about football quarterbacks, Ashley Llorens for the design of a feature page about three student musicians, the Zoom photojournalism magazine staff (Cassondra Copeland, Brent Kalwei, Aki Nagasaka, and Kassie Peters) for special supplement, and a Sweepstakes Award for the Delta.

Third-place awards were given to Kathrine Flores for news photography for a photo of a flash-mob during Convocation, Brent Kalwei for editorial writing for a commentary about paying student-athletes, Aki Nagasaka for feature photography for a photo of a biology professor displaying a spider in an insect collection, and Felix Alvarado and Christina Bautista for a sports page which featured their two stories about wrestling.

Honorable mention awards went to Christina Bautista for a political cartoon about a college smoking ban and for an entertainment cartoon about zombies, Jessica Crabtree in news writing for a story about e-books at the library, Devon Wade in column-writing for a commentary about his great-grandmother, Phillip Fowler for in-depth news reporting for a story about resident assistants, Ashley Llorens in feature writing for a story about student musicians, Tyrone Ritter and Lucas Guilfoil for a sports page which featured their football stories, and the staff of Copy Editing Special Edition (Brent Kalwei, Ebone Brown, Chase Burgess, James O’Sullivan, and Jessica Gates) for special supplement.

At the convention, the students attended numerous seminar sessions on media topics ranging from news reporting to social media. The guest speaker for the awards banquet was Nate Becker, an editor at the Wall Street Journal who is an alum of Truman State University where the convention was held.

The MVC students also dined at a Mongolian restaurant and attended “Dances The Night Away,” a performance of dances, such as jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and other styles, by Truman State University students in the Society of Dance Arts.

David L. Roberts, adviser for the Delta, said he was proud of the Delta students and their honors from MCMA.

Roberts said he was pleased to be able to end his time as the Delta adviser, starting in the fall semester, on a happy, satisfying note, in sharing the experience of the MCMA trip with a great group of students and seeing their work recognized with awards.

Roberts was joined on the trip by Ralitsa Gospodinova, MVC Student Success counselor, and graduate student Devon Wade, both Mass Communication alums and former Delta editors who also traveled with him on the first trip to an MCMA convention in 2009.

Photo below: At Truman State University where the MCMA convention was held, Delta travelers enjoy seeing the campus. (Photo by Ralitsa Gospodinova)

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