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Nathan Gerdts (top) Ben Corkill (bottom) and Tyler Divine (left) are part of the 2014 Flatliners troupe. The group performed its season opener Sept. 3.

Members of Missouri Valley College’s improv troupe The Flatliners kicked on the 2014 season in their usual style, showcasing their ability to thrive under pressure, and confusion.

Feature the energy the group is known for, the performance, held Sept. 3 in the Morris Experimental Theatre (MET), showcased the performers’ love of nursery rhymes, flying machines, and mountain climbing.

The show began, like many others, with live acoustic music, by Nick Aragon, senior music major. Despite having four rookie performers, the show went off without a hitch, Harold Hynick, Associate Professor of Theatre, said.

“The group made a solid performance. They only had one practice with each other, and despite that, they followed form, listened to each other, played off of each other, and handled the pressure,” he said. “Even with four rookies, they worked well together. As they work more with each other, the chemistry will grow, and they will only get better.”

Nathan Gerdts, sophomore mass communications major, had his first performance with this group.

“I’m doing it for fun, but at the same time it will help me in my career,” he said. “It will help me learn to develop characters under pressure.”

Gerdts also plans to use the skills he learns throughout his time with the troupe for his career. He cited a quote from Hynick about improv in the work place.

“Improv is important because it teaches one on one communications skills,” Gerdts said. “Hynick said, ‘Businesses are hiring improv groups and holding workshops to teach their sales teams.’ With improv employees learn to communicate, with people they don’t know, and work on the fly.”

Aragon, who has opened for the Flatliners many times before, said he enjoys being a part of the show.

“I love to open for their shows. I like to perform, and I think it adds to the show,” he said. “I feel, it adds a good energetic feel to the show, while kind of ‘fluffing’ the audience and performers.”

If you wish to see the group’s growth, their next performance will be Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the MET. As always, the show will be free and open to all who wish to see.

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