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By Gabriel Santos

The Missouri Valley College Folklore class has started its supernatural journey instructed by Dr. Claire Schmidt. This semester, the class has already had many discussions to figure out how the its main project, a book about MVC Folklore, will be accomplished. In addition to Schmidt, students are also help from other instructors such as David Roberts and Tiffany Bergman.

Fanny Bertalan, a junior, created the MVC Folklore community page on Facebook to promote the class’s progress and hard work discussions. The group will also allow students, staffs and outside sources to share stories, rumors and myths that may haunt the campus of Missouri Valley College throughout its 125 years of history.

It’s happening guys, we are producing the book” said Schmidt during the class. The folklore students were already assigned to write their first chapter and look for quotes from printing companies.

folklore book

Macey Embrey and Vanessa Urbschat putting the topics on the board, students in the MVC Folklore class, work on the outline for a book the class is writing this semester.

As the work progresses, Schmidt tries to answer some questions about what the book must look like; what’s the cover art? Should images/illustrations be black and white, color, or both? And how much it must cost?

Participation from outside people at the MVC Folklore page is extremely important. Gathering all stories, customs, costumes, beliefs, jokes, chants, traditions and local legends will be easier if faculty, students and even townies share what they know.

A list of more than 40 topics and discussions, including MVC Traditions (Homecoming/Bonfire, Snow Days, Park Party or Hanging of the Greens), The Supernatural (Hanging in Young Hall, Haunting of Macdonald Hall or Blosser haunting), Day-to-Day Student life (Dorms, Cafeteria or Clubs) and Greek Life (History, Rush Week or Initiation) for example, already dominates the book outline and the class’s idea of how the book should be divided.

Recently, students interviewed Dr. Bonnie Humphrey, MVC President, as well as Brett Fuchs and Susan Dittmer. They are also looking forward to interviews with Tiffany Bergman, Ed and Wendy Leslie, David Roberts, Dr. Earl Reeves. Staff and coach interviews are also getting prepared and scheduled.

It’s creating a good moment on campus” Schmidt told her students. “I’m pleased with your work and you guys should be really proud of what you’ve done so far.”

Professors and students are getting more involved and Harry Carrel’s Copy Editing class (MC 315) had the privilege of working closer to the book project by being responsible of providing copy editing guide and feedback to Schmidt and her folklore students.

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