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Students looking for a cool time found it at the Slip-N-Slide party held during the second week of class. After a long day of activities, the party combined perfectly with the sunny and warm weather and students could easily hang out with a few friends and have a great time during a busy week.


“It was a great opportunity to students get out of their shells,” said Ashley Jackson, Director of Student Activities at Missouri Valley College. “It’s a good start to get them involved on campus activities.”


The party featured a 50-foot slip-n-hydration station and music. People could be seen taking pictures everywhere, making selfies or Snapchatting their friends who suddenly occupied the whole area between the football and lacrosse fields. Approximately 50 people from different sports such as women’s and men’s volleyball, football, lacrosse and basketball all took part.


“We decided to have the event placed between the fields because most athletics that were leaving their practices from the gym could see what was going on” Jackson said.


Aline Rosario, a senior volleyball player, was there to join the party and she was pretty excited about it.

“It’s a really different event,” she said. “I think it was great; I could relax and hang out with my friends.”

Peterson Silva, also a senior and volleyball player, brought his 18-month-old son to join the party.

“Instead of staying the whole afternoon with my kid doing nothing, I could bring him here and let him run and have fun with everyone,” he said.


Jackson has developed games and programs to make life easier on campus. The idea is to help new students adapt faster, get involved and meet new friends.


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