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By Alyssia Winston

Social media has become the latest branding strategy and networking technique of job seekers, Rachel Zupek reporter of CNN said. Social media has also become a way for a potential employee not to get hired.

“93 percent of recruiters look at a candidates’ social media profiles before offering the job. 55 percent have reconsidered a candidate because of information they found on their profile and 61 percent of those reconsiderations have been negative,’’ said Alyson Weiss, a reporter with The Life Common.

When businesses check potential employee’s social Media, many check for spelling, grammar errors, profanity, indications of drug use and religion.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the potential to become the worst enemy of job seekers.

“I think that my generation knows how social media can affect you, but actually sitting down and being informed about the negative affect is good,” said Andrew Winston an MVC student.

What most people fail to remember is that anything you put on the Internet will be there forever. Unlike most things in life, there are simple ways to make a presentable profile. Chaz Maddi, Director of MVC TV, teaches a course on social media that is taught from a business or corporate standpoint but also covers personal use. The first thing Maddi focuses on is students having self-awareness online.

“Every social media post is information to someone else,” Maddi said.

Students should be aware of what they are posting but also what they are consuming from other people.

One of the most valid quotes Maddi shares with students is “if you don’t think your grandma would appreciate seeing it online then take it off. If you think that it may hinder you from getting a job take it off. If you are presented in any unprofessional manner take it off.”

This course has become important because the upcoming generation likes to share all kinds of personal information online.

“They connect through social media,” Maddi said. “High school student aren’t getting into college because of the things that they post. College students aren’t getting jobs because of the things that they post. Employees are getting fired because of things that they post.”

Social media are not just affecting the younger generation but also the older generation that are involved in social media.

Because of this course, student at MVC have taken their posting on social media a little more serious.

“This course really taught me how powerful the internet is,” said Janelle Garcia, a student in the class. “Anything you post does not delete. I am now careful of how I use my media outlets.”

“I have seen friends lose a job opportunity because of a photo they have posted online,” said Ashlei Scott, a student at MVC. “I just don’t want to mess up an opportunity by posting something stupid.”

As job seekers, student should be more careful what they post. They should start to clean up what they can and start filling their profiles with professional content. Students should strive to present themselves as positive, respectable young adults.

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