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By Na’La Lawrence

The Office of Student Affairs has decided to finally put into effect the policy of room consolidation. On Jan. 20, students who didn’t have a roommate received an email notifying them that they needed to find a roommate by the end of the week or a $500 fee would be added to their bill for having a private room.

Missouri Valley students, Myleka Booze and Danielle Manning, live in a three bedroom in Macdonald Hall and received the email that they both would receive a $500 fee if they didn’t find a third person for the room. Luckily for them their teammate had the same problem and decided to move in with them.

Booze said, “I felt as though it was unfair for those who had already had accommodations, but we were happy that everything worked in our favor because I couldn’t afford the fee.”

Many students became upset with the new policy and some even decided to do a petition like they did last year. MacDonald Hall resident Danielle Christian’s roommate moved out fall semester and upon her return for spring the opening had not been filled. She went door to door asking if anybody wanted to room with her and encountered attitudes and even had a door shut in her face. Fortunately for her, somebody overheard her need for a roommate and put her in contact with somebody else who was searching.

Danielle said, “Just like many others, I feel like it was unfair. I can barely afford tuition let alone an extra five hundred dollar fee because my roommate decided to leave. I’m just glad I found a roommate before the deadline that I’m happy with.”

The housing department tried to assist students through the process.

Director of Housing and Residential Life, Brett Fuchs said, “Student Affairs provided those students a list of rooms available, those also needing to consolidate. We updated the list as students consolidated or decided to stay alone. We did not send out a list of names for privacy reasons, but provide names to individual students as they requested it, in person.”

The room consolidation process is intended to provide equitable living conditions for all students. Over 80 rooms had only one student residing in them, and even though it was not at the fault of the current occupant, the only way to resolve the issue was to make the requirement for everybody.

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