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By Gabriel Santos

NFL Super Bowl XLIX, the most awaited sport event of the year was transmitted February 2 and the department of Students Activities invited the Viking students to join their little party watching the New England against Seattle in the Malcoln Center. Students played cards, listened to music, brought their own food & drinks or were totally concentrated watching the game.

Although the bad snowing weather condition, around 25 students joined the party and enjoyed free dominos’ pizzas and nachos provided by Ashley Jackson, Director of Students Activities, during the match.

Mariana Osaki, freshman student from Brazil, was one of the most excited watching the match. Osaki declares herself a huge Patriots’ fan; she was one of the first to arrive at the Malcoln Center. “I loved watching the game with my friend” Osaki said, “I love football and I love the Giants”.

I became fan because one I was looking through the teams because I started to like watching football matches” Osaki said, “I found that the Patriots only started winning when Tom Brady joined the team as a quarterback. Then, I started reading the team history.”

Osaki declares herself primarily huge fan of Tom Brady. “I discovered that he never was the best player or he never had the best physical in his position” Mariana said, “The same year he played for Belichick, he won the superbowl, and since then, he won four superbowls for the New England which they only have four total superbowl” She explained.

What for me makes the team basically him, Tom Brady” Osaki added, “This story intrigued me because I taught that you don’t need to be the best player; you don’t need to have the best physical for you reach your dreams; it moved me and made me love the Patriots.”

Brazilians dominated the number of students watching the game; there were around 15 brazilian students. Heitor Garcia, freshman student, joined the group during the half-time show. “I never stopped to really watch a football game” Garcia said, “I am really impressed with the Super Bowl; I always heard how Super bowl was big deal here, but never actually experienced with my American and international friends.”

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