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By Nina Wu


Getting lost on your life path? Read a motivation book to find your passions! Stressed out? Pickup a paperback in order to relax yourself! Feeling forget things often? Find a book to sharp your brain! Reading literature helps to strengthen your abilities of thinking.


unnamedIn recognition to celebrate Missouri Valley College’s 125th anniversary—the year of literature. Murrell Library has asked MVC’s faculty, staff, and students to recommend the most influential books. The idea of celebrating the literature year comes from the Murrell Library’s director, who graduated from Mizzou.


According to MVC’s librarian, Norine Gaskill. She sent out emails during the entire month of December, 2014, to MVC’S faculty, staff, and students who have dual credits, in order to get the list of the books that have most influenced them.


“I have heard from people that they are excited to see their books on the list,” Gaskill said, “especially with those books have more than one nominations.”


The list of the books can be found in Murrell Library, and students can also go on library’s web page by searching the quest catalog.

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