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chase burgess
chase burgess

Chase Burgess, number 153 above, has gone from running on Valley’s cross country team to helping coach it.

by Katelyn Olvera

It is the hope of many college athletes to have the opportunity to give back to their respective athletic programs once they graduate college. For former cross country and track athlete, Chase Burgess, that opportunity has presented itself. Chase Burgess, an alumnus of Missouri Valley College who ran track and cross country all four years, has recently been named the new distance coach for the track team. Burgess said he came to Valley in fall 2010 because of an athletic scholarship and numerous graduates of Lamar High School in Lamar, Missouri attended Missouri Valley before him.

Burgess said his feelings towards the new position are exciting. “This is an exciting opportunity to be coaching the same team I was once a part of. It is also exciting because I take a lot of pride in my school and it is a great opportunity to make the program better,” Burgess said.

A current athlete for the Missouri Valley track team, Sarah Niemeier said she sees Burgess helping the Missouri Valley track team by, “helping with writing work out plans and [giving] support for the younger distance runners.”

Burgess hopes to make the Missouri Valley track team better, by using many of the same workouts that he was once running, by modifying those to help current athletes with their varying levels of talents.

Although this is an exciting opportunity for Burgess, Missouri Valley College, and the Missouri Valley track team, the future it yet to be determined. When Burgess was asked where he sees himself in two years, Burgess said, “At the moment, I don’t plan on being here in two years. And hopefully the team will be in the position to win conference championships in the years that follow my departure.”

When Niemeier was asked where she sees the team in the next two years, her reply was, “I see the team growing with numbers and talents.”

With the strong work ethic of the athletes and the dedication of the coaching staff, the future for the Missouri Valley track team is bright.


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