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By Gabriel Santos

Brazilian students around the United States recently have gone through some financial break down due their country’s economic crises. MVC Brazilian students were not different. Last month (March) they faced maybe their toughest time, economically speaking, in the United States.

Missouri Valley College counts almost 30 Brazilian students around campus.

“It completely changed our routine” Mariana Osaki, freshman student, said. “I have to strictly control my money in order to have some for the entire month.”

Mariana Osaki wanted to go back to Brazil for the summer but she afraid that she might have to work in Minnesota.

“I wanted to spend my summer time with my family and friends” Osaki said.“However, I need to make some money and I was invited to coach in Minnesota.”

The dollar reached 3.30 reais which basically broke Brazilians purchasing power and, especially with the Spring Break, Brazilian students had to spend their money too early, making it even harder to them saving money.

“My mother told me to save as much money as I possibly could because the dollar was too expensive,” Aline Rosario, senior student, said. “She couldn’t afford sending me the same money amount that she usually does every month.”

Although Rosario also works at the MVC dining service, she said it wasn’t sufficient for the whole month.

“Saving money in United States is really hard,” Rosario said. “Especially during crises like this, we cannot go to Walmart and buy whatever we like because as the dollar is expensive in Brazil, anything becomes expensive as well.”

Brazilians had to control how many times they went to McDonalds, the cinema, Walmart, restaurants and the night out at bars with friends.

“I spent a good amount of money during Spring Break,” said Fernando Portugal, sophomore student. “I had to control especially the money I spent especially with my car.”

Fernanda, who lives off campus, together with Lais Steffens and Jacqueline Bandeire, said they had to really plan what kind of food they were buying for lunch and dinner, optimize their showers, electricity and gas as well.

Peterson Silva, senior student, wanted to spend his summer time with his son, Makhi, but decided to work during summer.

“I can’t afford staying here in Marshall,” Silva said “I need to find a summer job to make some money and help with my child expenses.”

Although the Brazilian community in this college has suffered with their country’s crisis, their economy has recently stabilized and the dollar dropped to 2.92 reais, however it is still considered expensive comparing to January/February when the dollar was 2.57 reais.


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