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mvc graduation

mvc graduation

By Fanny Bertalan

The big day, the one we all waited for, has come. The 2015 graduation ceremony for the MVC students will take place May 9th at 2 p.m., how exciting is that?

But graduation isn’t all about happiness, satisfaction, and excitement. I often said “I can’t wait to graduate!”, or heard fellows students saying “I want to be out of college so bad!”. The reality is that I was lying to myself; we all were. We seniors have to finish projects, thesis, apply for jobs, find a grad school, in short: plan our life and say goodbye to morning sleep­ins.

To you graduating student, understand that you aren’t alone, family and friends are here to support you, and today I have gathered MVC former students stories to help you go through the transition stage.

Our fellows, like you and me did or didn’t know what to do when graduation came up. Some moved back home, others went to set up in a new city looking for employment.

Camille Wadlington (class of 2015, B.A in Psychology) said “I wanted to enter the workforce to gain experience in my field. I also want to get my master’s degree in a related field too.” As of today her goal has been reached in some ways. She is currently working in a nonprofit that serves children with autism.

Ricardo Jose Salazar Luces (class of 2013) wrote he had only one wish while at college “to graduate!” Graduating in Political Science and Public Administration he did his OPT in Miami and then went home to work until he gets the opportunity to come back in the United States.

Ralista Gospodinova (class of 2011) confessed she went to graduate school after getting her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

Maybe you are like Kelsey Renee Hieb (class of 2014), who answered she had no clue what would happen after graduation, “I just knew that I was moving home to Saint Louis”. However Kelsey is now working as a nurse like she wanted to.

One precious advice to any freshmen, sophomore or junior: it isn’t too late to be involve in your college education. Do more than your sports and your homework: look into a club that interests you and later try to be president of this club, get into greek life, gather some leadership experience, volunteer whenever you can, get a part­time job, participate in fine­art activities.

This is a free way to get experience, develop your skills, show your interests and your talents on your resume, and recruiters will love you.

So how is life after graduation?

“Awesome, overwhelming, busy, good, not as good as college, different,…”

“You have to grow up and take care of things you didn’t even think of in those times”, explained Ricardo Salazar.

“It’s nice to look back and see what you’ve accomplished”, said Júlia de Almeida Zani (class of 2014)

A message from them:

Kelsey (B.S. Nursing) : Cherish every single day because time goes by faster than you think.

Camille: Everyone is going to go through this weird transition phase but it’s important to stay hopeful, and grounded. Most importantly make the most out of every situation you come across.

Ralitsa: At the end of the day, it’s a great journey that you need to enjoy every step of the way, while working on making all your goals and dreams come true.

Júlia (B.S. Physical Education) : Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Never give up!

Ricardo: You have achieved something you will be proud of for the rest of your lives, do never stop trying to keep learning, if you think you have learnt what you needed to succeed, you are wrong. You just learnt the tools to learn even more. Life just got real for you. Good job in finishing what you started! Enjoy your moment!

Ana (B.S. Exercise Science): Take this opportunity and do your best. Also, enjoy every single moment because you will miss it a lot.

Drew (B.A. Mass Communication): Plan ahead, and have a backup for your back up and a back up after that


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