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By Nina Wu

Missouri Valley College graduation ceremony is coming in 10 days, graduating students are busy for their life plans, and enjoy the role of being a student in the rest of days.

MVC will hold graduation ceremony May 9, 2015, which will talk place in Gregg Mitchell Field. The ceremony will also be broadcast in the Mabee-Eckilson Theatre and in the cafeteria.

Graduating is an exciting moment, at the same time it also provides MVC graduating students a lot of pressures.

“I am excited to graduate soon, since I have been here for four years,” Physical Education Senior Wesley Ng said, “after I graduate, I will come back to MVC for master’s degree in Consulting this Fall.”

“I have not decided what I want to do after I graduate, because I have graduated with a BS degree last year in Computer Science,” Business Senior Joan Giménez Lara said, “I am now studying another major in business, I will try to apply for some jobs and stay in the United States.”

“I will going back to my home country—Brazil after I graduate, I miss it!” Exercise Science Senior Rafael Bento said.

“After graduation I will be staying in Marshall, applying for positions and making myself available for interviews” Public Relations Senior Fanny Fanny Estelle said, “I hope to find a job that is a good fit in Kansas City or its area.”

The Delta wishes good luck to all MVC graduating students!


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