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By Chris Wallace

Missouri Valley College’s Malcom Center closed down its gymnasium due to safety issues on Sept. 2.

Director of Housing and Student life Brett Fuchs said that at the beginning of the summer they began to see some structural issues with the windows, meaning the building is fine and but some of the casing around the windows had come loose.

On Sept. 2, the wind blew one piece off. Nothing was dangerous, said Fuchs, but it had fallen to the ground. The same thing also happened the night before.

Fuchs said that he wasn’t sure if someone hit it with a ball or the wind blow it, so staff shut the gymnasium down temporarily so they could make sure for safety reasons that it was secure.

The construction company who built the building came in and checked all the windows and made sure they were screwed down.

“There was really no reason we had to close it, we just wanted to do it for safety reasons to make sure nothing happened and no one got injured being in there,” said Fuchs.


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