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Dining hall reno email

Dining hall reno email

by Elisa C. Marques

MVC’s cafeteria will undergo a number of changes for the fall semester of 2016. Fresh Ideas, MVC’s food service management company, just announced a dining hall renovation to be done over this summer. The project includes a modern design, multiple cuisine choices and new seating options.

Chuck Voltmer, Director of Dining Services who have been working at the cafeteria for 14 years, said that the major remodel needed to be done and that students will like the new features.

“It’s long overdue,” he said. “We just kind of have been putting Band-Aids on the cafeteria for a long time.”

Constructions will be complete until the beginning of the fall semester, and with the dining hall renovation, new hiring policies will take place as Fresh Ideas decided to start utilizing the school’s work study program.

Voltmer said that the decision was made especially due to financial reasons.

“Whatever company that comes here needs to make it work on their financial sheets too,” he said. “Part of that is that work study is paid by the school.”

Since Voltmer started hiring international students a decade ago, the number of students from different countries working at the dining hall increased. As they are only allowed to work legally in United States at the college’s cafeteria, the new change was shocking.

Aline Rosario, a senior non-profit management student, said that for a college who gains many benefits from the high percentage of international students, the decision is a lack of respect, regard and commitment with them.

“We struggle every month to pay for college and we don’t have anywhere else to go and make money than the cafeteria,” she said. “If they don’t want to give us the opportunity to work there, college should provide other job openings for us.”

Christopher Contreras, a junior business student, said that decision it’s clearly not fair for international students.

“Most of us who are coming from other countries are doing a sacrifice economically to pay for school,” he said. “The only way for us to ear money is at the cafeteria and it’s not fair because most Americans have opportunities to work somewhere else.”

Voltmer said that he certainly understands the international student’s concerns, but it’s a “money model.”

“There’s definitely going to be a push from the school and from fresh ideas to capitalize on the work study,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that we will not have any international students. I think we will always utilize the international students’ community.”

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