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By Randi Beck

MVC student Coleman Rude recently found himself in police custody as a suspect for a crime he did not commit.

MVC student Coleman Rude recently found himself in police custody as a suspect for a crime he did not commit.

A meeting with Brian Ferguson, director of public safety, was the first thing on the agenda for Coleman Rude after he returned back to Marshall from Minnesota. Ferguson told Rude he might be able to help him as he was a witness to a crime. Confused, Rude went into the meeting thinking Ferguson would be asking him a few simple questions. The meeting took an odd turn when Ferguson changed his approach.

“He said the police were on the way. You’re being arrested for driving off without paying for gas,” Rude said. “I thought this is crazy. What had happened was I drove up to the pump, went inside to get a snack while my friend pumped the fuel. I walked back out and got in the passenger seat. My friend went in to get a snack and payed for his stuff, but forgot about the gas.”

Rude sat in Ferguson’s office and  waited for the police, when they arrived he was put into handcuffs and walked across campus and put him into a police car. After arriving at the police station, the Marshall Police Department took down Rude’s information, watched the surveillance tape with Rude, and saw Rude wasn’t the one pumping the fuel.

“By the time we saw who was actually pumping the fuel, they had it paid for and taken care of. Casey’s didn’t want to pursue it,” Roger Gibson, Marshall Police Department public information officer said. “The charges have been dismissed.”

Rude said the experience was one he would not soon forget.

“I felt like a criminal,” he said. “I felt dehumanized. It was extremely embarrassing.”

Gibson said the officer working the case was simply operating off the evidence produced by the MPD investigation.

“The arresting officer was just following a lead,” Gibson said. “He had a Missouri Valley lanyard hanging from his rear view mirror. We ran the plates and got the car information and it lead him to the school.” 

After watching the tape, Rude was released and free to go. Rude made an attempt to talk to the attendant at the gas station, but she was unavailable. Rude will next meet with Ferguson, and Heath Morgan, Vice President of student affairs to discuss the incident.

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    • byAaron roach
    • onApr 7, 2016

    Typical Marshall mo police the most worthless excuse for law enforcement and I hope they all see this Marshall mo police Dept sucks ass

      • byCamren davis
      • onApr 8, 2016

      Shut the fuck up youre not a cop so dont go baggin on them im sure you fuck up at work too so again shut the fuck up. Shit happens he was just doing his job

        • byDakota Roach
        • onApr 8, 2016

        Marshall police have nothing but deemed worthless enough Marshall own sheriff was stealing money what else are they doing behind are backs they made more then more dumb mistake they aren’t for the people they are for doing whatever they can to get money in thwrre pockets even if its right or wrong

    • byShawn T
    • onApr 7, 2016

    Whatever!! They arrested him, took him into custody because he was in the automobile, then released him with no charges when the evidence was reviewed more thuroughly. It’s called police work. He wasn’t even charged! If they had arrested someone who was not even in the right car and charged them, then someone would have something to complain about. The police should be praised for taking the time to review the tape with the man in custody, then releasing him. Had they waited to watch a tape before respondING to the report, the guilty party would have had enough time to flee outside jurisdiction. Our rights are for due process, and he got that and justice prevailed. I’m just glad to know they are there to respond when needed to help protect business from criminals if the need arises. Police are humans too, the make mistakes, but they have a process for seeking truth and treating citizens accordingly. Give them a break instead of complaining. Had someone broke in your dorm room and stole your lunch money, you wouldn’t care if they arrested 10 people, let 9 innocent go as long as they found the true thief and you got your money back.

      • byJim
      • onApr 7, 2016

      That’s called guilty before proven innocent. Totally against your rights. You don’t arrest people until you have the evidence. Hope your silly ass don’t get into a mess like this and you get arrested for no reason whatever other than you were in the area.

    • byMarvin
    • onApr 8, 2016

    Maybe they should have watched the video before making the arrest in the first place.

  1. Those are the men and women that put your freedom first bashing them doesnt change that. As far as the sheriff stealing money you can blame the people of Saline Co. for continuously voting him in and because 1 person is a crook doesnt make the whole force one. Wake the hell up and believe in your protection cuz someday you will need them.

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