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By Chris Wallace

Snapchat is the new hot social media app out in 2016, it’s an app that just lets you make little clips about what you’re doing in your day to day life, and rather it’s funny, cool, insane anything can be shown on Snapchat.

Updates can be made to your snapchat so that you can do more things like, change the look of your face, even swap faces with a person next to you, or any face that you can get to fix in the small face scan, you can even message a friend or person you have on your snapchat.

Snapchat even made talking to girls change, instead of asking for numbers, you ask for their snapchat, because we live in a big social media world now and a guy or girl will not just give you their phone numbers anymore, but if you got a snapchat they will give you that because that person wants you to see what they’re doing on their snapchat storyline

There is always something new happening in the social media world, like when Facebook was a thing for college students only but then that expanded and now everyone has a Facebook, not only that now you can video call or voice call anyone of your friends on Facebook .

That probably was one of the greatest updates done to an app, because all you need is Wi-Fi and you can contact anyone without the need of a phone service, but then Skype came out and there really wasn’t a need for all of that. Now Snapchat has made the same update and now Snapchat is destroyed.

Snapchat was great until they made the update to video call and voice call a person; they even updated it to the point to where you can’t just skip someone’s story or pick whose story you want to watch like before, now they play right after each other. So even if you had no interest in the video of that person on your Snapchat the update to it now makes you watch any way.

I think that is a load of baloney and it really has made Snapchat in what Facebook and Skype are and that’s pretty lame. All the social media apps should not be doing the same thing because then you are downloading apps on your phone just to take up space, soon Instagram and twitter will have the same updates and those will become lame apps as well.


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