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By Courtney Campbell

The app  Pavi, currently being tested at Missouri Valley College, hasn’t been much of a success. From the student organizations to just friends making plans on it, the app hasn’t had the attention it was pursuing at first.

Student Taylor Gilkey says that the school is not really who is endorsing the app, but the owner of the app. Who wanted to see how successful it would be at MVC to start out with.

“I will admit, I feel like that by the school not trying to take full advantage of this app, especially when the mass emails have now been cut down tremendously, the students are missing out on a lot of opportunities here on campus that they could be taking advantage of,” said Gilkey.

The app isn’t only for student organizations, but for different friend groups as well to make plans such as going out for dinner or other get-togethers. But also much talk about the app GroupMe that all sports teams and other organizations have, take priority over Pavi.

“Many organizations have already committed to GroupMe, which is an awesome app, don’t get me wrong. But event wise, Pavi is the way to go. Especially with the new developments that will be coming soon,” Gilkey also said.

The way Pavi is set up is more of an event check in if you really look into the app. You can accept or decline you are attending an event, post pictures during the event onto the app so everyone can see them and also you can see who is all going because it has a guest list posted for everyone who said they were going.

Just by GroupMe and word of mouth isn’t enough for some who want all the answers, the Pavi app tells you exactly where an event is happening and also a description of what it is, where it is and what time it is. Gilkey also says that the more people use the app the more they will understand it.

“I do not feel that word of mouth or a Facebook post was enough. You can’t just rely on word of mouth to get all of the information out that you would like and Facebook has a lot of distractions before you get to what you want your audience to really see. This app is straight to the point,” Gilkey said.

As long as you have a MoVal email account you can promote whatever you would like. The app isn’t only for school events, take advantage of the Pavi app while you can. Be more engaged and involved with what’s happening at Missouri Valley College and post on the app.

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